Father's Day, Part 2 J Osako 1 Dec 1998
Last Revised 9 May 1999
Daria is owned by MTV Networks. Used without permission. Daria created by Glenn Eicher.

[Act 2, Scene 1. Outside shot, Trent's car. The car is passing an airport, and goes onto a ramp heading toward it. Cut to wide shot from front of car]

Jane Yo, Daria, you OK? I know how you feel about airports.

Daria [looking distraught] I'm fine.

Jane Yeah, right.

Trent You're sure you want to go through with this?

Daria I think so.

Trent Hey, here's the NationAir terminal.

[Scene 2, inside terminal. AMY is waiting in the lounge.]

Amy Daria. Glad you could make it. [pause] Let me guess, you're Jane and Trent, right?

Trent Hey.

Jane This is so cool. You look like a pair of before and after pictures.

Daria Before and after what?

Amy High School, of course.

Daria Makes sense. So where is my mystery date, anyway?

Amy San Francisco. It seems someone there thought his work was good enough for a gallery exhibition.

Daria He's an artist?

Amy If you want to call it that. [pause] Sorry, old habits are hard to break. He's a photojournalist, actually. He was in Somalia recently, doing a piece for Brutal Mercenary Magazine. He sells a lot of shots to Spinning Disc as well.

Daria Oh.

Amy [to Trent and Jane] Well, since your already risking a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, do you two want to tag along? It'll mean three or four days in my place.

Trent Sure. Wouldn't be the first time.

Jane Trent helped Monique get into a shelter for abused teens when they were in high school together. Drove her halfway across the state.

Trent [eyes down, sheepish grin] Yeah. [serious look] She was in a bad scene at home.

Daria [blushing a little] Wonderful. When do we get on the death machine, anyway?

Amy Got a problem with flying?

[Scene 3: on the airplane. Daria has her eyes closed, and looks extremely tense.]

Daria I think I'm gonna be sick.

Jane Get a grip. We haven't even gotten off the ground yet. Is this why you didn't want Trent to sit next to you?

Daria I hate you.

Jane Maybe you should ask the attendant for extra barf bags.

[closeup of Daria. She looks as if she's about to be ill.]

[cut shot - airplane taking off.]

[cut shot - back in airplane]

Jane Feeling better?

Daria [very pale] When we get off of this thing, you're dead.

Jane I'll take that as a yes. [bell sounds] Hey, I can use the computer now.

Daria Don't you think you're taking this a bit far?

Jane Not at all.

Daria Why are you so defensive about it? No one's gonna believe you're gay.

Jane What's that supposed to mean?

Daria Nevermind.

Jane Anyway, its not that. I'm not bugged by that at all. I even went ...I mean, I thought of going out with Pattie Somers once.

Daria Uh huh. And what happened on this nonexistent date?

Jane Nothing. Honest. I was just curious about it. [pause] Besides, she was too pushy for me, and the movie we went to was rotten.

Daria Right.

Jane [pause] It just that he's lying about me to everyone. He's making me look stupid, and that bothers me.

Daria Right. [picks up a book and starts reading.]

[Scene 4, Amy's red sports car drives up the south side of Twin Peaks, crosses a ridge, and pulls around toward the north, facing SF. It pulls up to a large, modern-style house with a cliffside view. Jane Daria, Trent and Amy step out of the car.]

Amy Let's get inside. The fog's begining to roll up. [walks OS]

Jane Whoa. Looks like your favorite relative is also the richest one.

Daria Yeah. I knew she was doing well but I never imagined she lived someplace like this.

Trent [walks into view] Cool. I always wanted to see this place in person.

Daria Excuse me?

Jane What's that supposed to mean?

Trent Huh. Don't you two know? I thought you read Spinning Disc's art reviews, Janey.

Jane Sometimes. They used to be too pretentious, until they got a new...[pause, look of surprise] Oh. Damn, I don't believe it. I can't believe I didn't figure it out before.

Daria Would you mind telling me what this is all about?

Trent Your Aunt Amy is Amy Barksdale. THE Amy Barksdale.

Jane First woman to be named editor-in-chief of Spinnning Disc Magazine.

Trent They have a photo of this house above every one of editorials. Its famous.

Daria You're kidding me.

Amy [walks back into view] You mean you really didn't know? I should have known Helen would keep you in the dark.

Daria I need to sit down.

[Scene 5, entrance of house. There are gold records and framed magazine covers on the walls. Daria, Jane and Trent walk in. Jane looks around with exaggerated obviousness, Trent more discreetly. Daria has a slightly put-upon expression, as if she felt betrayed by both her aunt and her friends.]

[scene 6, Amy's living room. There is a plush white carpet on the floor, more wall hangings, a black concert piano (!), two tasteful white sofas facing a giant television, and a vast expanse of plate glass overlooking the city.]

Amy Be it ever so extravagant...[waves hand around room]. Sit down and get comfortable. Any of you want something to drink?

Jane Like in drink drink? Scotch, maybe?

Amy [smirks] Sure, what the hell. I've got some Glenlivet here that's older than Trent. But I'm not gonna let you get loaded while standing on this rug. [goes to bar, pulls out four 4oz. tumblers and begins pouring from a seltzer bottle] Trent?

Trent Scotch and water sounds good.

Daria Water. I've been sick once today already.

Amy I'd suggest the scotch. [hands her the glass she already poured] You may need it by the time I'm done telling you about this.

[End of Act 2]

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