Father's Day, Part 4 J Osako 1 Dec 1998
Last Revised 14 July 1999
Daria is owned by MTV Networks. Used without permission. Daria created by Glenn Eicher.

[Act 4, Scene 1 : Morgendorffer house, dining room. Quinn and JAKE are sitting at the table, Jake reading a newspaper. HELEN is standing around with a puzzled expression.]

Helen Quinn, have you seen your sister this morning? She was out when I got home and she hadn't gotten back when I went to bed.

Quinn Daria, out late? You've got to be kidding me.

Jake Huh? Daria went a on a date last night?

Quinn Don't be silly, Daddy. She went rushing out of the house with some kind of big bag in her hands, just after she got that call from Aunt Mimi.

Helen You mean Amy? Why in the world would she call?

Quinn [remembering her promise not mention the call] Did I say Aunt Amy called? [giggling nervously] I, like, said that, uh, Daria sure looks like Amy. [giggling nervously some more]

Helen Out with it, Quinn. What has my sister done this time?

Quinn I don't know, honest! I just picked up the phone and she said it was for Daria and then she came down and she was crying and carrying a some kind of luggage bag and I promised not to tell you but I forgot! That's all I know, I swear!

Helen Oh, hell. Jake, I'll need you help here. Jake!

Jake [looking up from his paper] Huh?

Helen Please try to pay attention for once! Amy is off on one of her crazy stunts again and Daria has gone off with her. We have to find out what she's up to [sighs] and try to stop it before some gets hurt this time.

Jake Stop what? I didn't do anything!

Helen [with an look of disgust on her face] Quinn, try to call your aunt, her number is 415/555-6829. I'll look around to see if Daria left anything that could tell us what they're doing.

[Act 4, Scene 2 : Daria's bedroom. Helen is rummaging through Daria's desk drawers. She finds the framed airline ticket on the desk. A look of sudden comprehension crossed her face, and her hand covers her mouth for a moment.]

Helen [in a weak voice] Oh, my God, Amy, what have you done?

Quinn [walks in with the portable phone] Mo-om, she's not home. And she's got a really nasty phone message, too.

Helen Well, that does it. They could be anywhere by now. I just hope he isn't in the middle of some war somewhere.

Quinn Huh?

[Act 4, Scene 3 : Montage Sequence #1.

[Act 4, Scene 4: SF Finicial District. A very young looking bicycle messenger rides past them.]

COURTNEY Hiauntjanewhyareyouherenotimetostopseeya!

Daria Huh? what the heck was that?

Jane I think it was my niece. I'll have to call Summer's phone service and let her know where to look.

[Act 4, Scene 5 : Montage Sequence #2.

[Act 4, Scene 6, a small Italian bistro]

Amy [smirking] So, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Daria Not if you like getting propositioned by a street person in front a historical landmark.

Jane I don't know if I'd call the [insert later] a landmark...

Amy OK, so maybe Haight-Ashbury was a bad idea. You still seemed to enjoy yourselves, even if you can't admit it to me.

Daria I'm sure you know how it is.

Trent So, how about a show tonight?

Amy I figured someone would ask about that. I arranged for some tickets for some local bands that are playing tonight at the

[End of Act 4]

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