The Masters of General Tribulation (MGT) are a Discordian group dedicated to spreading chaos among the Greyfaces by monkey-wrenching the bureaucracy. By posting insulting signs, distributing ludicrous memos, and adding meaningless alterations to blueprints and project proposals, we use the mechanical behavior of our opponents against us. We will never be caught, as nothing signed, "The MGT" ever gets questioned by their victims, who never suspect that those three letters don't mean 'management'.

The founding of our society is shrouded in mystery. The story I made up was told at my initiation was that it was created by The Midget - the real, live one, the one who started the legend. The story of his exploits had spread throughout the Counterculture in the 1960s, and was so well known that Robert Shea, who had heard it years before, insisted on including it in the Illuminatus! Trilogy, using the urban legend as a kind of dope-culture in joke. Years, later much to their astonishment, Wilson and Shea came upon incontrovertible proof that the story was, in fact, true; eventually, they found The Midget, and after a long conversation he agreed to be inducted into the Erisian Liberation Front. Some time after that, he founded his own group - and the rest, as they say, is revisionist history.

Do you believe that?

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Last updated 22nd of Bureaucracy, 3165 (29 August 1999)