Shot of 'Modern Real-World Learning Access Center' from outside

Quinn sneaks out of house with Jake's gold card.

Jane reading flyer about 'Learning Center'

Daria: Of course. I would love to spend my time away from school going back to class. I'm sure I could learn all kinds of useless things that they'll be teaching me about in regular school anyway.

Jane: It says here that they 'share the hard won wisdom and real world experiences of professional's in the field'.

Daria: Oh, so it would only be mostly useless.

Jane: C'mon, it'll be fun! I'm gonna go for the Taijiquan class. Why don't you try it? You'll learn to [karate chopping the air] kick some butt!

Daria: Does it involve moving?

Jane: Only really slowly. You'll hardly notice it.

Daria: How are you supposed to fight like that?

Jane: You'll just have to come and find out.

Daria: OK, I guess. Anything else interesting?

Jane: Well, they've got a whole section on UFOs and psychic powers.

Daria: Tempting, but my life is wierd enough already.

Jane: You've got me there. How about a course from the Important Dead Languages section?

Daria: Perfect. I've always wanted to read Homer in the original.

Jake reading credit card bill with outraged look on face.

Jake reads Quinn the riot act for speanding so much, and demands that Quinn take a class entitled 'Kicking the Spending Habit' at the Learning Access Center. Has Daria take it too, to make sure Quinn goes.

Quinn and Daria in money class. Instructor explaining how to talk other people to spend money *for* you...

Quinn talking Jake into giving her the Gold Card again. Daira listens in while pretending to read Aeschylus' "The Clouds". Comments on why the play sounds so familiar.

Daria complaining about Quinn to Jane, then talking Jane into buying lunch. ...
Daria: Well, no, but Jake's wallet sure took a beating.

la La LA La la...