The Fortunate One

A very brief Whateley Academy fanfic

My name is Elizabeth Sharon Black, or at least that's the name I use now. When I was little, my parents called me Tom, but I never liked that name; every since I was a little girl I knew I *was* a girl, and lucky for me, my parents actually figured I meant it because they've let me be a girl since I was around six or so, all the time. They even got my name legally changed, which is something you normally can't do until you're, like eighteen or something.

Mom says I'm a Two-Spirit, which always sounded wrong to me, 'cause I feel like I am all girl no matter what my body is like, and anyway I am pretty sure our people didn't really have the idea of Two-Spirit the way some of the other tribes did. I really don't know, though, because even though I am full-blooded Navajo, I don't really know much about our people's history.

Anyway, I never really fit the stereotype of the Native American except in my looks. My name sounds like it could be anyone, and I've never been on a reservation even once, and my parents make a good living so I guess we're what you'd call middle class; and while Daddy is a jeweler, which sorta fits the stereotype, Mom is a dentist and has her own practice here in Austin. I've never had any real trouble for being Native American, except from a couple of jerks in school. I've gotten a lot more grief from people about being a trannie, though most folks don't know I am not quite a girl in my body so even that hasn't been a big deal most of the time.

Like I said, I've been really lucky. Or at least I have been up 'til now. Still kinda am, if you ask me. The thing about being a mutant has been more trouble for me this past couple months than all the rest of it combined.

I actually was sort of hoping I would be a mutant, though I knew a lot of people didn't like them. I guess I was hoping to be lucky and turn into a real girl, like they say some mutants do. I know it's really rare but I figured I've been doing well so far maybe my luck will hold. And it did! I've been getting more girly almost by the day, and the doctors think I'll be all girl in about a year. They did say that I'd have to have an operation on my hips at some point to make sure they grow right, but other than that, yay! But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself.

I knew I might be a mutant for about a year now, when we started talking to some doctors about my transitioning to a female body. It turns out that I have the Mutant Meta-Gene Complex, which is weird because no one else in my family has it, and we checked to make sure my parents really were my parents and everything. So I guess I actually am a mutant in the technical sense, but what's weird about that is that the Mutant Meta-Gene Complex is, well, *complex*, so it's not like it should be able to just appear like that, and I have it in both sets of chromosomes, which they tell me should be impossible. But apparently the MMGC is weird like that; it just sort of started popping up in folks out of the blue, and always shows up as a whole thing, not bits and pieces, so it's like this big mystery how that can be happening.

But I didn't really figure I'd be a mutant in the super-powerful sense until the day my eyes turned blue. And I don't mean like ordinary blue eyes; they are this glowing electric blue, so blue that it is really surprising to most people. I got lucky again, though; my parents had flown me to see a specialist in a place called Berlin in New Hampshire about this new scan thing that they wanted to test, because it was supposed to be able to pick up gender differences in the structure of the brain. And it's funny, because my eyes changed like the same day I was supposed to get scanned, but the really funny thing was, the scanner turns out to be a devise, and the devisor who came up with it had to be there to make it work. And guess what? She was only a couple of years older than me! And she was a transgender too!

Uh oh, that was supposed to be a secret. Sorry.

Her name was Elaine and she was some kind of kid genius, even before manifesting as a mutant, so she was able to come up with this devise that could tell if someone was male or female in their head and I was one of the first it was getting tested on. From what she said, she'd used some devise to make herself a girl, except it was actually someone else's machine and she wasn't able to copy it so far, but she kept talking about how bio-transformation was going to be the next big thing in technology and how she was hoping that the brain scanner would pass something called the 'Devisor test', which I guess means that even though it's weird science it's not *so* weird that someone can't copy it. She's trying to get funding for mass production if it passed that test, and even says she has some friends who are really rich who might be able to help her but she hasn't been able to convince them yet.

Anyway, she and this creepy Dr Gellmar were all set to run the scan on me when I came in with my eyes all blue like that. They kind of argued about whether or not they should go ahead with the test, and if my mutation would screw it up some how. Eventually they decided to go ahead and do it anyway. They found out I was a girl in my head, which I could have told you, but it's really nice that I could now say that it really was true 'cause I had the brain scan to prove it.

But what's best of all is that Elaine says that there's a whole school for mutants just around there, and she's a student there herself, and she thinks I can get in to it in September!

So it's been about two months, and not much has happened except that I'm becoming more and more like a girl like I wanted to, and I'm even a pretty at that, but I'm really excited 'cause the school has accepted me into the Junior High program for this year. I still haven't really figured out what my powers are yet, but I know I'm a lot stronger and and run faster than I used to, but that's it so far. I even feel a bit smarter, which is weird. They say they'll figure it out in 'powers testing' which doesn't sound like fun but I'm still eager about it since then I'll know what I can do.

I can't wait to find out.