Blood and Irony, Introduction J Osako 18 April 1998
Last Revised 11 November 1998
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A Few Words from the Guilty Party Author

Some time ago, in the aftermath a friend's housewarming party the previous night, I and several friends/acquaintances/total strangers had been watching a tape containing much of the first two seasons of Daria. All six hours' worth. Naturally, extensive commentary was inserted by the various viewers. Among those watching was Kevin Murphy, a game designer with White Wolf and the author of the (im)famous 'Penny Dreadful' novellas. He (and others - it was a room full of gamers) made a handful of comments about Daria and Jane apropos gaming, one of which stuck in my mind : he stated that the episode 'Pinch Sitters' is proof positive that Jane was a mind mage - she clearly used magick to change the personalities of the Gupty children. He then said something comparing the two to Penny ('Yet another example of Hollow Ones who should have been Hermetics' or some such). The rest of the banter, mercifully, has been excised from my memory, but that part remained. Did I mention that I'd only seen one episode ('The Road Worrier') before this? Oh, well.

The next day, flush in my newfound Daria fandom, I spent an unconscionable amount of time looking through Planet Daria and, including the extensive fanfic section of the former. Now, like all fanfic, the Daria pages offered further proof of Sturgeons' Law - I shan't name names, but I'm sure you can imagine whose work I mean. Still, the good ones were often very good, at least as fanfic goes.

Kevin's comment floated through my mind just about that time. Suddenly I was inspired - yes! I too can write some crappy fanfic! Let's do it!

That having been said, I'd like to apologize in advance for this dog to those who don't like it. To those who do like, I suggest raising your reading standards. Thank you.

Joseph John 'Jay' Osako, AKA First Speaker Schol-R-LEA

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