Let's start With the Obligatory Picture of Me The Cowardly Lion
Oops, that's not right, I'm much heavier than that. Oh, well, its close enough. You get the idea. Of course there are character sketches, and there are character sketches, it all depends on what you prefer.

In programming, my strongest interests have always been in systems : languages, utilities, operating systems design, and embedded programming are all fascinating to me. I have been working (fitfully) on designing JANOS, a portable, distributed operating system (yeah, go ahead, laugh. Call me mad, eh? I'll show you all, bwahahaha!). I've collected a library of papers on OS theory and design, and a group of OS related links.I am also the author/maintainer of a FAQ on the subject of OS design and implementation.

Net Worthlessness
I spend far too much time NIFOTC, but you probably already guessed that. Favorite diversions of mine include the late and much lamented Dysfunctional Family Circus and the Sith Academy fanfiction site. However, the main time sinks in my life at this time are webcomics, a large number of which I follow regularly.

I have been a RPG gamer since I was in elementary school, and have recently gotten back into active gaming after a hiatus of some years. My longest running character to date was Alexis, a Cultist of Ecstasy in the now deceased An Artificial Night WoD chronicle.

OK, I'll admit it : I'm an SF and Fantasy fan (big shocker, huh?). I've even written some really poor fanfic to prove it.

Politics and Other Wastes of Time
I've written a bunch of satirical political and social essays, some of which are actually comprehensible. I'm not sure why I mention this, tho'. No one really cares, not even me.

Oh, and there's some kind of religious thing here too. I don't remember what that's about.

On a more serious note, I sometimes get involved in Bisexual and Polyamory related politics. Mostly for the oral sex, of course. Oral Sex Donations Accepted

Almost everyone in my family, it seems, is a good cook. James, my brother, went to Johnson and Wales for restaurant management. My mother was always good with nice, solid meals, and enjoys cooking when she can; my father tends to be more daring, playing around with things like apple-juice crepes and a dozen kinds of chili peppers (not at the same time, fortunately).

Me? I go for Gonzo Cookery, the far side of the stove. While its been a while since I've done much that's wierd, I have been collecting the odd recipe now and then (sadly, I lost a lot of them over time). If you've got a good'un, send it my way...

On the other hand, I love the idea of regular stable meals too. Sometimes the simplest meals can be best, especially when you've gone to a lot of work for it. But I've got my own spin on this, too: I like to start from scratch with even the simplest staples. Bread, cheese, saurkraut, spaghetti sauce, even beer; baking, pickling, brewing, cheesemaking, all it, when I can. The fact that I can't most of the time saddens me deeply.

Last updated on the 26 April 2004